Daiwa Living

Message from the President

As a rental housing management and operations company wholly owned by Daiwa Living Management, Daiwa Living has been providing worthwhile services that reflect changing social needs while responding flexibly and positively to our customer’s requests and opinions about rental housing.

The total number of housing units in our portfolio exceeds 560,000, and we could not have maintained this significant level of growth without the overwhelming support of our customers.

In April 2012, Daiwa Living spun off its subleasing business to Daiwa Living Management, which offers business management support for rental housing owners. This service enables Daiwa Living to focus on and specialize in rental housing management and operations.
Upon this reorganization, Daiwa Living Companies, which is comprised of Daiwa Living Management (subleasing), Daiwa Estate (agent), Daiwa Living Utilities (energy), Daiwa Living Stay (hotels and serviced apartments), Heart One Trust (real estate trust management), D.U-NET (internet provider), and Double-D (comprehensive IT consulting), was established to offer high-quality services as a total supporter for the management and operations of rental housing.

Moreover, we have established several companies overseas, including KD Living (a joint venture in South Korea, 2012), Daiwa Living USA, Daiwa Living California (USA, 2015), Daiwa Living Australia (Australia, 2016), and Daiwa Living Vietnam (Vietnam, 2017), to handle the rental management, agent, and serviced apartment businesses. Moving forward, we are striving to further expand our business to support globalization.

In addition to the various and complex requirements of customers in today's rental housing business, there are other crucial challenges such as Japan's rapidly aging and shrinking population. Therefore, we are urgently required to address various changes regardless of the country.

Daiwa Living Companies is aiming to become a "leading company in the rental housing business" that all customers can trust. We are determined to continue to provide comprehensive support and services that are ahead of the curve while working to realize an enriched life for customers and the co-creation of a sustainable society.

Shigeo Sousa
Daiwa Living Co., Ltd.