Daiwa Living

Corporate History

1989 Daiwa Living established
1994 Daiwa Living Nishi-Nihon established
1995 Daiwa Living Kinki, Daiwa Living Kyushu, Daiwa Living Higashi-Nihon established
1997 Daiwa Living Chubu established
1999 Daiwa Living launched via an absorption-type merger of the above five companies to provide services nationwide
Daiwa Estate Co., Ltd. jointly established as a real estate agency by Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. and Daiwa Living Co., Ltd.
2001 Daiwa Estate Co., Ltd. established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiwa Living
2002 Sendai branch opened
2003 Chiba, Kanagawa, and North Kanto branches opened
2005 Commenced full-scale management of urban medium-sized and high-rise rental housing
2007 Kanagawa Branch integrated with the main office
Main office name changed to "Tokyo Branch"
Launched D-room Plaza, a rental apartment and housing search site
Established D-Support, an alternative joint guarantor system, in collaboration with Entrust
2009 Daiwa Lease’s rental apartment building management services taken over by Daiwa Living as a result of an absorption-type split
Daiwa Monthly Co., Ltd.’s monthly fully furnished apartment rental business taken over by Daiwa Living
Started a company housing agent business for corporations
2011 Sendai Branch name changed to "Tohoku Branch"
Chiba Branch name changed to "Minami Kanto Branch"
Nagoya Branch name changed to "Tokai Branch"
Hokushinetsu Branch opened
2012 Daiwa Living Management Co., Ltd. established; Daiwa Living Management taken over by Daiwa Living’s subleasing business as a result of an absorption-type company split
Started Daiwa Living Companies, a business entity comprised of Daiwa Living, Daiwa Living Management, and Daiwa Estate, thereby initiating a new corporate structure
KD Living established in South Korea as a rental housing management business (joint capital with kt estate)
2013 D.U-NET established as an internet provider (joint capital between Daiwa Living Management and U-NEXT)
Started a housing services business for the elderly at D-Festa Hino
2014 Daiwa Living Utilities established to provide energy for rental housing
2015 Double-D established as a total consulting business encompassing the internet and IT planning & development
Daiwa Living USA Inc. and Daiwa Living California Inc. established as rental housing management businesses in the U.S.
Opened a convenience store in Royal Parks ER Sasashima
HeartOne mall, the Daiwa House Group premium e-commerce website, opened as a mail order business
2016 Heart One Trust established as a real estate trust management business
Daiwa Living Stay established to consolidate the short-stay furnished rental apartment business for the hotel business in Japan and serviced apartments overseas
Daiwa Living Australia Pty Ltd and Daiwa Living Waldorf Holdings Pty Ltd established in Australia and New Zealand, respectively, as rental housing and serviced apartment businesses
2017 Daiwa Living Vietnam Co., Ltd. established in Vietnam as a rental housing and hotel business