Daiwa Living

Business Outline

Management and operation of rental housing
Our management and operation of rental housing and apartments assures stable management for the property owners and a comfortable life for the tenants.
Furnished rental apartment business
We developed a short-stay furnished hotel business in Japan and a serviced apartments business overseas to provide facilities that fit individual lifestyles.
Overseas businesses
We offer management and operation services for hotels and rental housing, and we help customers find suitable housing mainly in the U.S., Korea, Australia, and Vietnam.
Insurance agency business
As an insurance agency, we offer services to protect our customers' valuable assets.
Real estate trust management business
We support asset management from one generation to the next so as to achieve highly effective property succession and safe inheritance.
Senior lifestyle support business
We take advantage of our experience managing and operating more than 530,000 housing complexes nationwide, and we pair that with our know-how so as to offer housing and facilities to senior citizens.
Communications business
In addition to providing a comfortable communications environment for tenants and guests by maintaining a communications infrastructure for apartments and hotels, we also improve the capital value that responds to the IoT era.
Energy business
We provide electricity, LNG, and LPG to the properties that we manage, and we are developing a total energy business to provide electricity for large apartment buildings.
Planning and consulting business for taking advantage of the internet and IT
We offer new systems and services that are ahead of the curve, and we support operations as a specialist internet and IT company in the rental housing field.
Corporate housing agency business
We undertake the complex administrative operations involved in managing corporate housing.
Other businesses
We manage and operate rental retail outlets, offices, and other commercial properties for companies, as well as monthly-fee parking lots.